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Client testimonials and recommendations for Helen Fitzsimons

We are of course delighted with the recommendations received in both the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners as these prestigious international companies independently assess our practice, strengths and the quality of work.  Positive feedback from Queen’s Counsel, Junior Barristers and the renowned experts we instruct is also highly valued.  However what we love to receive and read are the thank you letters/cards and responses on client surveys by Clients and their families (along with the lovely photographs of them and their children).  Some send updates and photographs for many years after their cases conclude which we really appreciate and treasure.  

Feedback and recommendations in Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, from Clients and Others


From Chambers and Partners 2020 “Helen Fitzsimons focuses on children matters. She has an intuitive understanding of very difficult problems and knows how to manage a case well”


From Chambers and Partners 2019 “Helen Fitzsimons of Helen Fitzsimons Family Law is an established practitioner specialising in Public and Private Law Children Work, and she receives praise for her ability to handle complex cases. She possesses particular expertise in cases where there are allegations of abuse an non-accidental injury, and also handles instances of parental alienation”

From a Father of two young daughters from Blackpool aged 4 and under 1.  He was victim of false allegations from the Mother.  We secured an Order exonerating him from those allegations together with a shared care order with the children spending 50% of the time in their Father's care.  The 4 year old was also ordered to attend the Father's preferred school.  'I have been busy getting her uniform and sewing name labels in …….. I am looking forward to being the best Dad I can be for my girls and I know its going to be the best time of my life thanks to you.'  

From a Father of two boys who were the victims of parental alienation. He had not seen his children for 18 months and we secured a suspended transfer of residence in the Brighton Family Court with the children spending 50% of their time in his care - 'If it were not for the efforts of Helen and Fran I would not have seen my children again.  I trusted you to deliver on the most important thing in my life and you did not let me down.  Excellent, personal and professional.'  R (Parental alienation and suspended transfer of residence) [2019] EWHC 61 (20 January 2019)

From a Father of a 12 year old boy who he had not had contact with for some 18 months.  The Court found parental alienation.  We were able to secure a transfer of residence to enable the child to move from his Mother's house in the Midlands to his Father's house on the South Coast.  'Thank you once again for all your help and assistance.  I'd lost all hope and my faith in the legal system had been shattered.  I can finally start to piece my life back together.' RH (Parental Alienation) [2019] EWHC 2723 (Fam)


Chambers and Partners 2018 “Helen Fitzsimons of Helen Fitzsimons Family Law specialises in complex Public Law Children work. She has a wealth of experience in parental alienation allegations, alleged child abuse and NAI among other issues”


From Chambers and Partners 2017 where Helen Fitzsimons is a Recommended Lawyer they quote ‘Helen Fitzsimons is admired for "her wide and comprehensive knowledge of care and linked crime proceedings," and "regularly handles cases of parental alienation" and "cases involving complex medical evidence in cases of non-accidental injury". One market commentator says: "She is an exceptional solicitor. She is the solicitor I would use if my own family had a problem."

From Francesca Wiley QC ‘Helen Fitzsimons particularly stands out. She is the best in her field. Her commitment to her clients and attention to detail is outstanding as is her intellect and ability to navigate incredibly serious cases. She is an exceptional solicitor.  She is particularly strong in complex medical evidence.’

‘Helen Fitzsimons is particularly strong in children act cases where there are serious allegations against individuals of either physically harming or sexually abusing their children and they have been prevented from having relationships with their family. Fact finding and exoneration of clients is a real strength.’

From a Mother accused of a non-accidental injury/false allegations : ‘Helen Fitzsimons is a remarkable lawyer.  She takes pride in the work she does, offers an exceptionally high level of service and is dedicated to a case’.

‘Helen Fitzsimons gave information and advice in a way that was easy to understand’

‘The barristers and Queen's Counsel Helen Fitzsimons instructed (29 Bedford Row and 4 Paper Buildings) were always well read, well prepared and offered a high level of service’

‘I have already recommended Helen Fitzsimons to a friend's brother’

‘The result of my case handled by Helen Fitzsimons was better than I could have predicted’

‘I researched online for the most experienced solicitors in alleged non-accidental injury and it was very easy to make initial contact with Helen Fitzsimons.  I sent an initial enquiry on-line and Helen Fitzsimons called me within 10 minutes (on a Sunday).’

‘There are no improvements I could recommend for the level of service provided by Helen Fitzsimons.’

From a parent falsely accused with an allegation of non-accidental injury and baby-shaking ‘I just don't feel like I have the words to describe how truly grateful I am and always will be for the work that Helen Fitzsimons put in to our case.  I know that I get to put my daughter to bed every night now, in large part, because of her.’


From Legal 500 2016 ‘Recommended in serious injury/abuse cases and public law children matters the very hardworking Helen Fitzsimons’.

Superlawyers 2016 - Helen Fitzsimons is a ranked top UK family lawyer in this prestigious publication.

From a Father who was the victim of extreme parental alienation and who faced false allegations of sexual abuse – Helen Fitzsimons obtained a change of residence of the children to his care – ‘Helen Fitzsimons is very accomplished and exceptional with clients.  Throughout our time working together, I have found her client care to be outstanding and she would regularly go 'beyond the call of duty'.  I experienced first-hand her excellent organisational skills.  She is very strategic in her case management and this was evident in her working relationship with experts (Janine Braier and Karen Woodall and The Family Separation Clinic) and leading counsel (Francesca Wiley QC), ensuring the best team was available.  I was able to obtain a full exoneration.  I now know that I have experienced very severe parental alienation, and Helen was invaluable to reconnecting me with my children.  I cannot recommend Helen Fitzsimons enough, a very bespoke service.  Thank you.’

From a Mother accused on baby shaking/non-accidental injury/false allegation ‘Helen Fitzsimons is by far one of the most outstanding and brilliant family lawyers that I had to represent me. Not only did I have Helen but I also had Junior Counsel (Adam Smith of 1 Crown Office Row) and leading counsel (Paul Storey QC) who were also brilliant in my case. The amount of work that Helen put in is beyond what you would expect from any lawyer. She was always there if I needed help or had any questions and always replied quickly and efficiently.  Helen was there 110% of the time, even when Helen was on leave she was never far from her emails.  If anyone finds they need a family lawyer especially for Non Accidental Injury cases then I would definitely recommend Helen Fitzsimons. I don't think you'll find anyone who works harder than Helen does and I can't thank her enough for everything she did for me and my family. Helen was there to support me if I needed it, even at times when I felt low and lost hope she managed to make me feel positive again. Thanks to Helen and my representing counsel we won and my beautiful boy was returned home. I can't express enough how good Helen Fitzsimons is. She is fantastic and very very good at her job.'

From a Family Lawyer ‘I have been working with Helen for over 20 years. I regularly refer any child care matters to Helen Fitzsimons and have no hesitation in doing so. She is completely dedicated and committed to doing her very best for clients under extremely difficult circumstances for them. She is always very careful at ensuring the correct experts are instructed to produce the very best results for her clients. She will leave no stone unturned preparing the evidence for court.’

From a Father from Norfolk represented in a case where he and his partner were falsely accused of non-accidental injury/baby-shaking who sent the most beautiful flowers - ‘To Helen. Just a little something to say thank you for all you have done for us.  We will never forget you or the effort you put in to reuniting our family.’


Chambers & Partners 2015 commentary ‘Helen Fitzsimons is incredibly thorough and efficient’

Legal 500 2015 - ‘Renowned for its considerable expertise in children cases. Major work for Helen Fitzsimons who led advice on an international child abduction’

Successfully on behalf of a Mother obtained findings against Father of violence/intimidating behaviour - ‘Again thank you for everything!!! You have been amazing.’

Mrs H – Child returned home after allegations of non-accidental injury/baby-shaking and Mother completely exonerated ‘I just wanted to pass on my huge thanks to you for all the support you have given us over the last 14 months.  I always felt you were at the end of a phone or email if I needed help, advice or just a pointless moan! We were very lucky to have you guys on our side’.

Mrs E – Alleged non-accidental injury where Grandmother in the pool of potential perpetrators – Grandmother completely exonerated - ‘I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your work on my behalf and I am extremely happy with the outcome and having my family reunited and appreciate your efforts in contribution to this. I also appreciate your efficiency in always keeping me up to date, you are a great solicitor.’


Chambers & Partners 2014 commentary ‘Helen Fitzsimons is "very reassuring and professional" with "impeccable attention to detail."

Mr H - ‘Without Helen I would have found myself without seeing my children, for which I now do, and this brings me great joy in what has been a very difficult time for me and the children. I would recommend her to anyone, as without her you would be lost.'

‘After finding myself and my partner accused of shaking our 5 week old son by hospital staff and social services in Manchester I contacted solicitors for representation.  I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Catherine Rimmer (barrister) and Helen Fitzsimons we would not have been proven innocent and gotten our son back at all.  This team of people actually care about you and your family and work every hour, even when sick, to put together the best case for you.  I now have a future that I am excited to embark on rather than the living nightmare I had prepared myself for.  Thank you to you all. You have made my family whole again and for that there aren't enough words in the dictionary to show my gratitude.’

‘Helen Fitzsimons' service has been of such a high standard, I don't think it could be surpassed.  In my case as a father, it was always going to be difficult and when the mother started to issue very serious allegations, with Helen Fitzsimons’ outstanding knowledge on the subject and getting the right barrister for the job, we had a successful outcome to the case. When needed in court Helen always came up trumps when experts were needed.  I was a vulnerable client and under my doctor, but it was Helen that showed great professionalism that got me through.  I regard Helen and her team as part of my family, as this is how they made me feel.  I would recommend Helen Fitzsimons to anyone.’

‘Clients in children cases are in excellent hands with Helen Fitzsimons. Always calm and highly professional, she understands the needs of vulnerable clients in these stressful cases. She works well with experienced counsel. For clients caught up in a system with so many dysfunctional and overstretched elements, there are clear benefits in having the guidance of a solicitor with Helen Fitzsimons' shrewdness, practical common sense and good standing in the local legal community.  As grandparents in a complex and long-running child contact case, we appreciate the qualities that she brings to her work.’

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a group of behaviours that are damaging to children’s mental and emotional well-being



Arbitration is the private, judicial determination of a dispute, by an independent third party

Second Opinion & Change of Solicitor

Second Opinion & Change of Solicitor

Sometimes you just want to have reassurance that the advice you have been given is the best for you and your family

Child Arrangements

Child Arrangements

Where parents cannot agree arrangements in respect of their children and bring the matter before the Court

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